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ETNA is an EU-wide network involving 23 leading Institutions in 13 Countries. Since 2011 it has been working to establish a common, shared internet site (web portal) which can search for information about ICT-based assistive technology products, accessibility solutions and related services.

Ensuring access to ICT assistive equipment, systems and services is not straightforward. Currently, information on existing products is patchy, not well distributed or simply absent; the needed knowledge and expertise are in the hands of few specialists scattered throughout Europe; the market is still a niche dominated by highly specialised small or medium enterprises.

The ETNA Thematic Network aims at handling this issue, in collaboration with another Thematic Network, ATIS4All (Assistive Technology and Inclusive Solutions for All) and the EASTIN Association (European Assistive Technology Information Network.

The foci of the project are assistive technologies, especially those based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which are a powerful driver for inclusion and quality of life of people with disabilities and elderly people. This is the main area of work at the ACE Centre in the UK. These ICT technologies contribute to compensate for functional limitations and help tackle barriers in all types of environment, thus playing an increasingly central role in equalising opportunities.

In the autumn the portal will be open for user trials and we would encourage everyone including users of devices and their families, professionals in the field, manufacturers and policy makers to give feedback on the service.

The Project Leader

The Project is co-ordinated by the Centre for Innovation and Technical Transfer (CITT) of the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation, based in Milano, Italy. The deadline for the project is December 31, 2013.

Past Events

21-22/02/2013 Fifth ETNA Workshop in conjunction with ATIS4al.
The ETNA/ATIS4all joint Workshop "TOWARDS THE FUTURE EASTIN 2.0 - The first prototypes" took place in Milan, Italy on 21-22 February 2013.

12/12/2012Eleventh ETNA Webinar
This Webinar took place on December 12th, 2012 providing some updating about the project progress and hosting our partner ASSISTDATA - The National Board of Social Services (Denmark). Go to the ETNA web site to watch and listen to the recording.

14/11/2012Tenth ETNA Webinar
Like every month, another webinar was held on November 14th, 2012 presenting our partners FTB (Germany) and ACE Centre (UK). Go to the ETNA web site to watch and listen to the recording.

10/10/2012Ninth ETNA Webinar
A new webinar after the summer break was held on October 10th, 2012 hosting the presentations of CERTH/HIT (Greece) and HACAVIE (France). Go to the ETNA web site to watch and listen to the recording.


ETNA www.etna-project.eu
atis4all http://collaborativeportal.atis4all.eu/en-GB/default.aspx
eastin www.eastin.eu/en-GB/searches/products/index