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hold an ACE british bake off

Summer is the time to hold your ACE British bake off -  at work, school or at home.

Here's the ultimate recipe for holding your own ACE British Bake Off this summer....

  • Start by setting a date and venue for your ACE British Bake Off - home, school work - wherever you think you can sell a cake or two. (Don't worry if you can't find a date in June - you can hold a bake off anytime of year!) Let your friends or colleagues know that you're holding an ACE British Bake Off. You can print off our ACE Bake Off poster here. Please also let us know that you're supporting us.....you can also request collection tins for the day. 
  • Next, collect your cakes from your volunteer bakers. Price them up - don't underestimate what you think people will pay for a slice of cake...or two! Remember a nice tablecloth for your display table and last of all make sure that you've got a float with plenty of change.
  • And you're off! If you're at work, email your colleagues to let them know that your cake sale is now open and watch your cakes sell ....well, like hot cakes! Hold your own mini bake off, ask your customers to vote for their favourite cake, then share the photo of your best cake to our facebook page to enter the ACE British Bake Off 2014. Winners to be announced in September 2014.
  • Last of all, don't forget to pay your money in online by setting up your online fundraising page for ACE British Bake Off.  Or you can make cheques payable to ACE Centre and send to ACE British Bake Off, ACE Centre, Hollinwood Business Centre, Albert Street, Hollinwood, Oldham, OL8 3QL. Please print off the paying-in form and enclose with your cheque, so we can say a proper thank you to you.

If you have any questions or would like to request collecting tins please contact Helen

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Try out our ACE Chocolate Brownie recipe donated by Christine from Great British Bake Off 2013!

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