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Local AAC Services - find out more!

Local AAC Services - find out more!

Are you an AAC commissioner or practitioner working in the North West or Thames Valley & Wessex region?  Do you want to learn more about emerging AAC services across the region, and about the challenges and benefits of accessing local AAC provision?

If so, for those in the North West region, contact Anna Reeves at areeves@acecentre.org.uk or ring her on 0161 358 0151 x 211 and for those in the Thames Valley & Wessex region, contact Martin Fisher at mfisher@acecentre.org.uk or ring him on 0161 358 0151 x 403

ACE Centre have been commissioned by NHS England to deliver the Specialised AAC Service in the North West and Thames Valley & Wessex regions.  As part of this role, we are keen to support the development of local AAC services.

Our recent Local AAC Services days brought together teachers, speech & language therapists, occupational therapists and other AAC and AT professionals from across the North West and Thames Valley & Wessex regions to explore existing and emerging local AAC provision with local commissioners.

'Very enjoyable useful event.'  'Extremely informative.' 'Good to learn from others' experiences...' 'This feels like AAC is gaining momentum - it's great to hear...'