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Assistive Technology Unit

Assistive Technology Unit

This is a four day course offering an introduction to the use of Assistive Technology (AT) to support communication and learning.

Consideration is given to the assessment process for identifying AT solutions for individuals with complex physical, communication, sensory and/or learning needs. Over the four days you will critically review some of the available hardware and software solutions and their implementation.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the Assistive Technology solutions to meet the needs of individuals with complex physical communication and learning disabilities
  2. Analyse an individual’s need for Assistive Technology and evidence the need
  3. Identify and select appropriate resources to meet the needs of individuals with complex needs whilst working as part of a team
  4. Reflect on and evaluate the implementation of Assistive Technology solutions in a given setting

Cost: £800

Areas of study:

Day 1 Assessment

Consideration is given to the key principles and practices in the assessment and implementation process for AT. We shall consider who can benefit from AT and how can we measure the impact of using different solutions.

Day 2 Access and Positioning

The range of access methods and devices are covered and the principles to determine which access method is the most appropriate for an individual.

Day 3 Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

An introduction to AAC systems looking at strategies and resources, their features, access methods and when and how to use them.

Day 4 Supportive software to record and retrieve information

Supportive software can provide access to literacy for individuals with significant physical, communication, sensory and learning needs. This day will consider software that offers methods of recording using pictures, images, sound and text.

For information about future dates for this course, please contact Sara Dale at training@acecentre.org.uk, or telephone her on 0161 358 0151 ext 203