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Catch us at the Special Needs Fringe!

Catch us at the Special Needs Fringe!

Come and chat to us at the Special Needs Fringe Exhibition in London on 12-14 January!

The Special Needs Fringe focuses on computers and special needs, a field increasingly called "Assistive Technology". It's a resources exhibition with product suppliers and advisory services, new hardware and software to try out and a programme of free seminars to help you get the most out of your day. Running next door to the gigantic BETT show, The Fringe offers a more intimate and specialist atmosphere and (particularly important) free refreshments and somewhere to sit and chat with colleagues.

The ACE Centre's Will Wade will be giving a fantastic seminar packed with updates and information about the latest communication apps and access methods for the iPod, iPod Touch and iPad. It's at 12 o'clock on Wednesday 12 January.

The exhibition is at the Hilton London Olympia Hotel. For more details, visit http://www.inclusive.co.uk/events/special-needs-fringe-2011