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Coming soon: You Matter

Coming soon: You Matter

Coming soon in Autumn 2011, You Matter is a remarkable self-delivered training course for teachers, TAs and therapists that brings together parents of children with significant speech difficulties and their supporting professionals.

“A brilliant course! Should be available to all parents, carers and teaching assistants involved with AAC” - Course participant

For children with significant speech difficulties, it’s the parents who can hold the key to developing effective communication for their child, if they are provided with the appropriate support.

The You Matter course brings together families and professionals on an equal footing in order to provide practical and positive ways forward for the children’s AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) needs. It gives families the tools and the support needed to set their own goals, solve their own difficulties and become active decision-makers in supporting their own child’s communication.

For more details see the You Matter page on this site.