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Inspired by the plight of Coronation Street's longest-term resident, Ken Barlow, ACE Centre have teamed up with Communication Matters to raise awareness of the communication issues faced by those who have had a stroke - and of the help that is available.  Join the conversation at #communication4ken  Corrie fans were heartbroken last week to see Ken silenced due to a sudden stroke, surrounded by the Barlow clan and unable to communicate with them - but help is at hand!   

"Everyone who has a stroke presents very differently, but difficulty with communication is a common issue post stroke. There are a host of strategies and resources that can help, including alternative and augmentative communication (AAC)."  Anna Reeves, ACE Centre Manager

ACE Centre support people with little or no speech, providing information, advice and a range of free resources that can help, including sample alphabet charts  and an iBook providing information and guidance on Getting Started with AAC:  Designing and using alphabet charts 

We work alongside Communication Matters to raise awareness of AAC.  

"AAC comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from paper-based alphabet boards and picture charts, to more complex computer and app based communication solutions. Whilst not all forms of AAC will be suitable for those with communication issues post stroke, something as simple and easy to create as an alphabet chart may enable Ken and others like him to continue communicating with their family and friends." Chair of Communication Matters, Ruth McMorran.  More information is available here in Communication Matters' help section.

With a few simple resources and input from a Speech and Language Therapist, Ken could once again help to keep the wrath of Tracy at bay!