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Day course - What to do if your students struggle to write

Day course - What to do if your students struggle to write

Grab one of the last few places on our popular Getting it Down on Paper one-day course that explains how children with physical and communication difficulties can record their ideas or schoolwork on paper.

This immensely practical course, held at the ACE Centre in Oxford on Thursday 30 June, will look at the range of software available to support children from the pre-literate and emergent stages of literacy through to fluent literacy. Software, for example, that gives powerful visual and auditory support for the preliterate and emergent stages.

For children moving towards greater literacy you will explore word prediction, word banks, mind mapping, screen readers and accessibility features within Windows. You’ll learn about the technology and techniques available to help these pupils record their work in the most efficient and effective way possible. There will be an opportunity to discuss case studies and to explore the software in a “hands-on” session.

It's a course that's perfect for advisory teachers, teachers and Teaching Assistants in both mainstream and special schools.

The course is held at the ACE Centre in Oxford and runs from 10.00am to 3.30pm. The cost is £160 per participant. A light buffet lunch is provided.

To book a place, ring now on 01865 759800, or contact Katharine Buckley at buckley@ace-centre.org.uk for more details.