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Developing & Using a Communication Book


Price: £25 plus P&P (no VAT)

This bestselling illustrated guide describes what's required to construct and use a communication book with a preliterate individual. It offers clarity for parents and professionals in developing communication books that progressively help a young person to communicate an increasing number of messages.

Three key components are covered:

  • A stable, core vocabulary available on each page, that develops through five stages. This core, ranging from just ten symbols in Stage One to over 100 in Stage Five, is based on the development of children’s functional language as opposed to syntactical language. The core in Stages One to Four relates to the development of functional language. The core at Stage Five relates to the functions of language required by children working in the Foundation Stage of Education in England.
  • A fringe vocabulary designed to meet an individual's interests, needs and varied environments.
  • The importance of a communication partner who is taught, through the guide, to use and model the symbols during communication and to support and scaffold the learners’ own communication attempts.
As an illustration of one way of making such books, the guide itself is in a filofax-sized ringbound format.

Although the guide has been developed for learners with difficulties, it's appeal is much broader. The Times Educational Supplement (Sept 2005) said:

"It's clear - and experience in pilot classrooms bears this out - that children of all abilities enjoy using the book... it represents an approach to language development that many mainstream teachers will find useful."

The author, Clare Latham, is an experienced AAC speech and language therapist who has specialised in working with children with severe and complex learning disabilities.

Download some sample pages
There's a downloadable 320Kb pdf file in the menu on the right that contains five sample pages from the communication book. They illustrate the practical nature of the staged guidance given in developing the effective use of a communication book, and show the core vocabulary from Stage Three, along with a typical topic page.