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First steps to web accessibility -€“ practical guidance launched.

First steps to web accessibility -€“ practical guidance launched.

A powerful new guide on how to take the first steps towards making websites accessible to people with disabilities has been released by the OneVoice for Accessible ICT Coalition, an umbrella group of charities, non-profits and businesses promoting access to technology for all.

"Web accessibility is a complex topic", says OneVoice chair Nigel Lewis. Many website owners understand the urgent ethical and business need to ensure sites are accessible, but don't know where to start or how to interpret the different accessibility standards and schemes that exist."

"Our guide - 'The first seven steps to accessible websites' - is a response to the question: how should I start?"

The guide is presented as an online book edited by Bloor Research consultant and OneVoice member Peter Abrahams. Each of the steps described can be implemented relatively easily and all will provide real accessibility benefits.

Many of the steps are accompanied by a short video showing how they .can be implemented

Although it is primarily intended for newcomers to accessibility the steps are also intended to be of interest to more experienced practitioners who may have missed some useful steps. OneVoice is also looking for assistance in validating, improving and extending the content of the document.

The guide can be accessed online at:

EDITOR'S NOTE: The One Voice for Accessible ICT Coalition was formed to bring likeminded organisations together to act as one voice for ICT accessibility and usability. It plans to undertake activities across three main themes:

Promotion - explaining the benefits to the economy and society of providing accessible and usable information and communication technologies, including the underlying business case;
Campaigns - to increase the awareness of ICT accessibility across all sectors; and
Professionalism - establishing a suite of academic and vocational courses in ICT accessibility for ICT and health professionals.