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Helping Handsling for ACE

Helping Handsling for ACE

Helping Handsling for ACE

Simon Whiten and his team will be pedalling hard to raise money for us later in 2011. His cycling team will be proudly spreading the ACE message during events across the country. Simon explained more about the promotion:

"Handsling Racing is a team of racing cyclists competing in both road and mountain bike events and sponsored by Action Cameras, Trigon bicycles, Schwalbe tyres and the Ace Centre. The five-man team consists of experienced riders, including an ex-national champion and three riders who have ridden at the world championships."

The Handsling team in training in Richmond Park

"To promote the team and our sponsors, including raising the profile of the ACE Centre, we will compete in two or three races most weeks between April and October and using our Drift Innovation helmet cameras, record all of our activities, placing the footage online on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites. As well as this, we aim to help raise money for the ACE Centre by donating a portion of our prize money, staging cycling events, and arranging some epic rides for which we will gather sponsorship."

Sterling stuff, Simon, and we wish you and the Handsling team all the best in the races. You can find out more about Handsling racing from the following links:

@londoncyclenews, @handslingmedia, @handsling, @raceright