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  • Network Day March 2009

    Eye Control - An Update Mick Donegan's brief update. Note that this document provides a snapshot of the situation at the time of presenting and shouldn't be a guide for the future! Download Eyegaze Update (Powerpoint 4Mb)

  • Communication Matters 2008

    Look2Talk - An Update Katharine Buckley and Clare Latham's Powerpoint presentation from their talk at the 2008 conference. Download Look2Talk Presentation (Powerpoint 2.4Mb) No Speech but Lots to Say Kristina Atkins, Steve Carroll and Sue O'Brien provide and update presentation on how their project to include disability opinions is progressing. Download No Speech Presentation (Powerpoint 5Mb) Toys2Talk Ann Gresswell and Emilie Leeks present an in-depth discussion of comm...

  • Wordbanks and Predictors

    Wordbanks and Predictors What are the differences? A useful look at the relative merits of Clicker, WordAid, Penfriend and CoWriter. Produced in 2003 by Andrew Lysley, but the issues it contains are still very relevant.

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