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Our free information day sessions - new dates

Our free information day sessions - new dates

Our free Information Day appointments offer you a one hour demonstration or discussion session with a relevant member of our staff about any specific area of aided communication or technology.

You can use your appointment however you like! For example, learning more about iPads being used as a communication aids. Or, if you're completely new to the field of aided communication, these appointments offer a great informal way to get a brief overview of the possibilities and pitfalls. They can also serve as a useful pre-assessment discussions, where you can discover if our services are a suitable way forward for your child or client.

These sessions are by appointment only, and for a maximum of five to six people.

We regret that it's not possible to bring the child or adult under discussion along for these limited-time sessions.

Appointments start at 10am and run throughout the day and early evening appointments may be possible.

Call us on 01865 759810 to book!

Information Days for 2011:

  • 22 September (Thursday)
  • 11 October (Tuesday)
  • 8 November (Tuesday)
  • 8 December (Thursday)
  • 18 January (Wednesday)
  • 16 February (Thursday)
  • 14 March (Wednesday)
  • 18 April (Wednesday)