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Presentations from the Network Day - 28th November 2013 - Oldham

Presentations from the Network Day - 28th November 2013 - Oldham

Anna Reeves, ACE Centre Manager providing an introduction to
the day and an overview of developments in the fields of AT and AAC.

The DynaVox Communication Ecosystem: An introduction to the new DynaVox Communication Ecosystem, featuring the new DynaVox Compass communication software. Euan Roberston, DynaVox Mayer-Johnson

Developing Communication and Literacy through the use of AAC strategies. Highlighting the correlation between speech and language therapy and teaching targets. Abdul Ashaibani, Anna Conway and Alli Gaskin, Lancasterian School

Perceptions and experiences from young people aged 14-25, who use AAC, of using digital technology and online social media. Amanda Hynan, Manchester Metropolitan University

Whats New

“Get rid of that pain in my neck!” Gregor Gilmour, a young adult who has been using AAC strategies since the age of 2, shares his journey using AAC and his experiences of alternative access methods. Gregor Gilmour, Kate McCallum, Diana Mountain, Beaumont College

Looking back and looking forward. Working with individuals with complex needs and a visual impairment. Kay Wrench, Oldham Council. Roger Bates, Inclusive Technology

Accessibility in Apple iOS7 and Android devices. Will Wade, ACE Centre.