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Schools - what we can do for you!

Schools - what we can do for you!

We invite you to spend just three minutes looking at the short video below. It shows how we're helping schools get the maximum value for money out of limited budgets, and the best educational outcomes for pupils with physical and communication difficulties.

"Our great success is due to the ACE Centres providing us with support and training, presenting new technology, and us turning it round to benefit our children."
  - Eddy Jackson, Headteacher, Highfurlong School

We want to help your school meet and exceed its SEN requirements as efficiently as possible, so we cover everything from starting out with switches and symbols, to making the most of new technology like iPads and eye-control for communication and curriculum access.

In-school Partnership Days

We spend a day at your school working alongside your staff and pupils to provide a combination of independent assistive technology and AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) advice, training and assessment. Find out more about our In-school Partnership Days

Extensive loan library of communication aids and equipment

Avoid expensive mistakes. Our four-week equipment loans make sure that what we recommend is completely fit-for-purpose.

AAC and AT Training courses

Give your staff the confidence and skills to get the best out of assistive and communication technology, including apps for iPads and iPods, AAC software (for example Boardmaker and Clicker) and moving on from PECS. Find out more about our training.

 As charities you can be assured that we'll put your best interests first to help you achieve excellence across the fields of assistive technology and AAC.

To speak to one of our therapists, call either 0161 358 0151 (Oldham) or 01865 759 800 (Oxford) now.

We look forward to working with you!

With many thanks to Inclusive Technology for sponsoring the making of this video.