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Making Assistive Technology work is a team effort. Very few people manage in isolation. Individuals, families and professionals all need to be involved as a team from the start, identifying a need, through to supporting the long term goals of the individual. If significant others are not present this can lead to problems such as a lack of funding or inappropriate recommendations for equipment, training and support and/or a failure in implementation. The end result is that the assessment process is not successful and the individual is unable to move forward.

We would like the ‘team’ to be identified at the beginning of the process. The ACE Centres main objective would be to facilitate closer working with the team to identify and achieve common and realistic goals.

Offer a Continuum of Service

In order to start the assessment process most teams would benefit from an initial meeting to discuss the issues involved and to begin to consider possible resources and strategies.

Information Day Appointments

If an enquiry is by or related to an individual then we can offer a free 1 hour appointment with a member of the ACE Centre's team on one of our monthly information days. These appointments can be used for:

  • Clarifying the needs of the individual in relation to potential applications and uses of Assistive Technology
  • Establishing the team who will support the individual using Assistive Technology – professionals, parents and carers can all attend this appointment.
  • Discussing possible resources and strategies in relation to the individual’s needs
  • Considering loans of equipment for the individual to trial

This appointment is not intended to be an assessment of the individual’s needs but the first stage in the assessment process. This one hour appointment is designed for discussion of issues rather than for trialling of equipment/ strategies with individuals. The team may bring photographs or video footage to aid this initial meeting. This will be discussed and agreed with you prior to the appointment.