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Special Access to Windows

For the switch user, accessing the essentially mouse-driven Windows environment appears to be a formidable task. SAW (Special Access to Windows) - is software that enables Windows to be controlled by one or two switches,a joystick, a trackerball or a headpointer. SAW has many additions and features to make creating interfaces easy for those who use alternative inputs.

SAW replaces the mouse and keyboard with a series of onscreen Selection Sets - arrangements of letters, words, symbols, numbers and shapes that can be automatically or manually scanned, item by item, and selected using switches. You can write, draw, move the cursor around the screen - SAW gives you the access power to all aspects of operation.



SAW is an open source project that has been developed through a number of funding streams (most recently the AEGIS project). Support cannot be provided directly from the ACE Centre but we welcome you to post queries and ask for assistance at the email support forum